About Me

Hello! I am a musical instrument maker by day, but during my spare time I like to buy, sell and collect Micro Machines.

I have had them since I was a child. I love Micro Machines! This little venture of mine begun when I decided to sell my Micro Machines. After joining a number of Micro Machine groups on social media I began to get the bug again. As a result, I have decided to try to build a collection of my own just for fun. 

This website is to help facilitate me in this quest. I aim to buy bulk lots of Micro Machines secondhand and clean them up for resale. Any doubles I come across I will keep for my own collection as well as any models which are currently on my want list.
I hope this website helps the community of Micro Machine collectors by offering these great little things at a fair price. There are other brands of micro cars/ vehicles which were basically knock offs of Micro Machines. I am happy to sell these as well when I come across them.

One good thing about this website is that I identify all the other brands so that you are assured that any product listed as the Galoob, Hasbro or LGTI brand is the real deal Micro Machine. I am also aware that people do collect the other brands and so it is my pleasure to serve that community also.

I have ensured this website (www.micromachinesforsale.co.uk) is fully GDPR compliant and running SSL to keep any monetary transactions and personal data secure.

Don't forget to bookmark this website and you can find us on social media where new stock and offers are posted.

You can find my musical instruments here: www.jpwinstruments.co.uk .

Long Live Micro Machines!
James P Wilkinson